Blood calls for blood.

Near the ancient Temple of Apollo, young environmentalists protest outside an international conference. Inside, business lobbyists mingle with politicians, seeking profit and influence. Then the charismatic leader of the protest goes missing.

A body is discovered, placed like an offering to the gods. The next day a broken corpse is found at the foot of the cliffs where blasphemers were once tossed to their deaths.

As a storm closes in and strange lights are seen on the mountain, the conference is cut off. Is a killer stalking them? Or are primal forces reaching out from the past? Like the cryptic Oracle of Delphi, Cassandra Fortune must supply the answers before the conference is over. And before more die.

Justice will be done, but what kind of justice?

‘Cassie Fortune is as fearless and shrewdly observant as any classic adventure hero. Will the Furies catch up with her in this very modern political thriller set amid the ruins of ancient Greece?’ V B Grey, author of Tell Me How It Ends

‘A text that reminds us of the way the past resonates in the present and the lessons we all need to learn.’ Jacky Gramosi Collins aka Dr Noir ( of Noir at the Bar, Newcastle Noir and Crime Cymru ).

‘Plague was gripping and original, and Oracle is a masterful sequel. Fearless, frightened and foolhardy, the brave and clever Cassie Fortune is rapidly becoming one of my favourite literary heroines.’ Steve Sheppard, author of A Very Important Teapot.

‘Ancient mythology, religious belief and forms of justice break through into the present-day narrative and recent history adds to the jeopardy.’   Annemarie Neary author of The Orphans.

‘What a splendid sequel. ‘Oracle’ is a page-turner, an engaging and absorbing read.’  David Armstrong, playwright (listed Branagh New Writing Award 2020)

‘The case is complex and slowly unwinds with lots of clues and questions. The.. twists, turns and unexpected revelations in this story… will keep readers guessing until the unexpected end.’ Jean Roberts of The Book’s Delight.

‘The story is an epic adventure and marries Greek mythology with current-day environmental issues in an enticingly, utterly readable way.’  NetGalley Librarian  5 star review.

‘The sense of impending menace pervades… it really is a riveting story.’ NetGalley Reviewer 5 star review

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