Summer Book Sale

It’s that time of year again and books are being discounted to promote sales and capture the Summer holiday trade.

LastSaturday my local church had its annual fete, smaller this year, as the event has grown in recent years ( see Books for Sale in the Sunshine ), but the Clapham Book Festival had representatives there, including me, staffing the book stall, handing out our flyers. A must for the diaries of book lovers and those who like talking about books is Saturday 5th October, the Saturday of the 2019 Clapham Book Festival!  Check out this year’s Programme.  Tickets are on sale from 1st July.

But last Saturday we were selling books – £1 hardbacks, 50p paperbacks, everything must go!  Lots of people browsing and buying mentioned that they were looking for a good book for the beach, the country, the plane or the train and, in one instance, the fishing.  I guess reading a good book is ideal when sitting on a river bank waiting for the fish to bite.

On-line too, the Summer Sales begin. Over at Smashwords from 1st July until the end of that month you can find J.J.Anderson’s ‘e’ books at a major discount.  In the Al Andalus stories , Reconquista will be FREE to download until the 31st July. The next book in the series, The Silver Rings, will have 25% off RRP at $2.45  or less than £2.  The Village; A Year in Twelve Tales will be discounted by 50% to $1.99 or £1.50.  So, if you want to make a journey in the imagination on your holiday, why not travel to 13th century Al Andalus, or to a contemporary English village, you can do so for free or at a major discount on Smashwords as part of its summer sale!

In the meanwhile it’s time to submit my latest manuscript to the publishers. A real departure from the historical adventures written previously, Plague is a contemporary thriller set in Westminster, which draws upon my own experience working in Whitehall and the rich history of Westminster and Thorney Island.  On the basis that informed and independent criticism is worth its weight in gold, I have been fortunate enough to have the members of three different book clubs read the manuscript.  Any author will tell you that, however objective your friends try to be, they will, invariably, be less critical than people who don’t know the writer personally. Their comments have been insightful and very useful, helping me refine the novel before submitting it to the publishers.  Now I await the editor’s comments.

Plague is also the first in a series – I am about to begin writing Oracle, the second book featuring the same protagonist, while I wait.  I am enjoying researching the ancient temple complex at Delphi on Mount Parnassus, somewhere I actually visited during a 1999 conference at the modern conference centre just below Delphi town. What a place for a murder mystery story, I thought at the time. Now it’s going to be just that!

For now, if you haven’t already, why not make a visit to the exotic Al Andalus, with its Kings and Emirs, its warlords and treasure and all for less than a cup of coffee.

For more about Reconquista and The Silver Rings and writing them try             Seduced by History            The Godmother’s Tale              Warp and Weft

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