Truth Never Dies.

It had been solely personal. Not anymore.

Determined to lay the ghosts of her past, Cassandra Fortune asks a former head of GCHQ for help, only to receive a message from beyond the grave. A riddle to puzzle out and a murder to solve.

She revisits an old betrayal in an ancient land, uncovering subterfuge and treason. Yet, as Christmas approaches, a shadowy presence haunts her footsteps. His criminal network shattered, the diabolical villain is back.  And he wants what’s his.

What is real and what only appears to be? Who can be trusted and who is double-dealing? Cassie must find the truth. And survive.

Third in the popular Cassandra Fortune series.

                                                       LONG LISTED CWA IAN FLEMING STEEL DAGGER 2023CWA-Daggers-Ian-Fleming-Steel-longlisted-black

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‘The final installment of a thriller trilogy that calls to mind the joyfully clandestine dangers of Ian Fleming and John Le Carré.’ Callahan Books

‘Gripping, knowledgeable, classy.’ Elizabeth Buchan, author ‘Two Women in Rome’

‘Opera is a smart, sophisticated, page-turning thriller.’ Steve Powell, author ‘Term Limits’.

‘If you are interested in political crime thrillers, this is a series you do not want to miss.’ Two Heads are Better Book Blog

‘What a delicious read! Suspenseful, rich in detail, inventive, atmospheric.’ The Clapham Society.

CWA-Daggers-Ian-Fleming-Steel-longlisted-white‘The Machiavellian scheming and jealous backstabbing is a sheer delight… There are shocking disclosures, clever twists and a brilliant final confrontation…. creat[ing] a wonderfully chilling sensation of unease as we are reminded how much we don’t know about what goes on behind closed doors. I love a riveting, intelligent political espionage thriller and the richly atmospheric, nerve-racking Opera is exactly that.’ Karen Cole, broadcaster & blogger.

‘Intriguing plot, fast-paced action and a dramatic climax – a cracker!’ Dr D.

‘Thrilling and exciting, deep in the world of espionage, corruption and spies. I found it very hard to put down.’ One Creative Artist.