What Next?

So, we’ve had the Plague Book walk and the Plague Blog Tour ( which finished on Friday ) and both have been fun to do and, I hope, brought the book to the attention of the book-buying public, or at least that section of it which exists on-line. This is the first time a book of mine has been part of a Blog Tour and it’s been an interesting and enjoyable experience. Emma from Damp Pebbles, a crime and horror specialist blog tour organiser, has been helpful and professional throughout, marshalling the book bloggers to produce and reveal their reviews day after day.

And the book got some lovely reviews, all five or four stars. It was so interesting reading what people made of it and there were some new insights too, which even this author hadn’t thought about. For example, thank you Karen Cole for pointing out just how often Cassie self-sabotages.  There is also some anticipation around Oracle, the next in the series ( many of the bloggers said they would like to review that one as well ).

In the absence of a physical launch and book shop signings, I’ve spoken about the book and the writing of it on radio and Youtube ( you can hear/see those interviews and events, if you’ve a mind to, on the Events page of this web-site ). There is more of this planned, with recordings and uploading to Youtube ( to both the Claret Press channel and my own ). For example, at some point before Christmas there will be a discussion with various experts on London and its history.

There is a virtual and an actual Plague Book Walk in the offing, though I’m not sure how many members of the public would pay to come on either ( David, a London Walks specialist, thinks there may be people who would ). I have other events, interviews and talks, lined up and another twitter ‘giveaway’ too at the end of October.

Sales figures, Amazon’s vicissitudes notwithstanding, are healthy my publisher tells me, though she hasn’t had the Amazon figures yet. So, for this unknown writer’s debut crime novel, all is well.  Claret was pitching Plague, amongst other of their books, to literary agencies specialising in translations at last week’s virtual Frankfurt Book Fair and is talking to audio book specialists in the USA too.

Talking of audio, the latest review of Plague on Netgalley and Goodreads includes a playlist – what to listen to while reading it. I confess that these songs are unknown to me, though the titles sound appropriate. Thank you Jessica Haider! 

Hiding Tonight by Alex Turner
Knives Out by Radiohead
No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine
Way down We Go by KALEO
Glory and Gore by Lorde
Lost River by Murder by Death
Blue Moon by Chromatics

If readers would like to read more about the Plague Book walk try     Walking a Book, Walking a River                    The Book walk continues                With an address like that…              Bookwalk Out-takes              Plague in Clapham        or about the Blogtour  try             Plague on Tour

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