FREE signed copies of Plague- Twitter Giveaway

FREE BOOKS! And signed too!

From today I have twenty, yes, twenty (thank you Claret Press)  signed copies of Plague, to give away! These are physical as opposed to digital copies, so you can hold them in your hand.

From 10th to the 14th August the giveaway will be open to anyone residing in the UK who wants to enter. It’s happening on Twitter at jjulieanderson  from 10th to the 14th August.  All would-be recipients of the book have to do is to re-tweet the FREE BOOK message which I’ve tweeted today and mark Plague as ‘To Read’ on Goodreads.   By midnight on Friday I will put all the names of these people into a hat and ask an independent someone to draw out the names of twenty winners. By this time next week copies of Plague will be winging their way to the lucky readers.

So don’t delay, find that tweet and re-tweet it and remember to mark Plague as ‘To read’ on Goodreads.  You won’t regret it!

Plague has been up on NetGalley since May and has been garnering excellent reviews from ordinary readers, librarians, educators and media professionals from around the world. I am constantly amazed by the enthusiasm which people show about something which I wrote! Here are just a few excerpts from some of the NetGalley reviews.

‘From beginning to end a fabulous read.’ – Maria Egan, writer, Florida, USA

‘Sometimes all you need is a good thriller, a story with engaging characters, a touch of romance and a plot that grips you right the way to the end.’ Tobias River, publishing, UK.

‘This political thriller is also a murder mystery and an examination of underground London, so it’s a great combination of factors that seem to come straight from the front pages of today’s newspapers.’ Alex Bottomley, UK.

‘I absolutely LOVED THIS BOOK’ – Poppy Cousineau, Librarian, Canada

‘A great, page turning read filled with intrigue and mystery. I was hooked from the start.’ Charley Bennett, UK

‘Fabulous book. The characters came alive in my head and I just couldn’t put it down.’ Rachelle Leaver, Australia.

‘Anderson’s mystery invites you behind the closed doors of Whitehall and the Palace of Westminster, chasing the threads of power in an ever-tightening web.’ Madi Simcox-Brown, UK

‘A gripping story, brilliantly told.’ Georgina Halligan, Goodreads, UK.

‘A page-turning murder mystery with the added interest of an insight into the inner workings of Westminster and the corridors of power.’  Deborah Powell, Spain.

Sign up for the giveaway and let everyone else know what’s on offer!  It only runs for FIVE DAYS!! There’s a lot going on between now and publication date and even more afterwards, COVID-19 or not! Just because I’m not there in person to sign books, doesn’t mean that signed copies aren’t available.

To read more about Plague why not take a look at the following posts      Walking a book, walking a river…       Plague, Stranger than fiction     The Plague Story Continues  

Or check out  Julie Anderson on Facebook, on Instagram, on Pinterest and   jjulieanderson on Twitter. 


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